Pickup And Delivery

Delivery Truck (1)

Pickup and Delivery Vehicles allow for porta potties to be easily moved alongside the ability to service units at the same time.  We offer these in a few different lengths depending on the available chassis (if you have your own chassis, you would like upfitted let us know!**). These lengths would be a 4 Toilet bed, 6 Toilet Bed, and 8 Toilet Bed.   Every version of this comes with the below specifications. If you would like something custom or modified from our standard offering let us know and we will try to make it happen for you.

Tank package

  • Aluminum construction
  • 500 Gallon Waste
  • Two 150 Gallon freshwater compartments Totaling 300 Gallons.  
  • Dual side service 2” Inlets with 30’ Gator tail hose’s, 2 aluminum toilets wands with wand holders. 
  • Mounted Transverse Behind the Cab
  • Primary shutoff in the tank to protect the pump. 
  • Tank plumbed to Dual bucket fills on each side of vehicle.
  • Sight tubes installed on both water Compartments.
  • 2 Sight Eyes on Waste Compartment
  • 3” Dump valve on driver’s side of chassis (could be moved to passenger side upon request) 
  • 4 Work lights mounted on Vacuum tank. 

Bed Package

  • Thiemann Liftgate 2 Toilet capacity.
  • Varying bed lengths 4 toilet, 6 toilet and 8 Toilet.
  • Powder coated black with E-track for strapping toilets. 
  • Two Large Toolboxes (size and location can vary based on bed length) 
  • Required Stop, Turn, Tail and Strobe lights. 

Delivery Truck (2)

Pump Package

  • Masport HXL4V Plug and play system (Hydraulic or Gearbox driven)
  • Vacuum/Pressure pump, with integrated oil reservoir, mechanical oil pump, flush kit, Secondary shutoff, and Oil Separator
  • Necessary Vacuum and pressure relief installed in line. 
  • DC-10 12V Washdown pump 20 GPM at 42 PSI
  • Hannay Spring Rewind hose reel
  • Depending on Chassis, In Cab switches for all equipment or switchbox with water resistant switch mounted on bed near vacuum pump. 

* Vacuum and water pump could be changed at the customer’s request. 

**Customer supplied chassis need to be reviewed by sales team to make sure they meet all requirements to be upfitted into a Pickup and Delivery vehicle. Please reach out to [email protected] and we would be happy to assist.