Portable Restroom Vehicles

Portable Restroom vehicles for portable restroom servicing. This come is a various gallon sizes and waste to water ratios.  Customer Supplied chassis welcome **.

Tank Package

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  • Aluminum construction
  •  Standard sizes of 999, 1200, 1500, and 2000 Overall.  
  • Dual side service 2” Inlets with 30’ Gator tail hose’s, 2 aluminum toilets wands with wand holders. (2000 Gallon units come in Single and Dual sided workstations)
  • 2 Toilet carrier at rear.
  • Primary shutoff in the tank to protect the pump. 
  • Tank plumbed to Dual bucket fills on each side of vehicle.
  • Sight tube installed for water compartment.
  • 2 Sight Eyes on Waste Compartment
  • 3” Dump valve on driver’s side of chassis (could be moved to passenger side upon request) 
  • Work Light’s on tank. 
  • Two Large Toolboxes 
  • Required Stop, Turn, Tail and Strobe lights. 

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Pump Package

  • Standard offering Masport HXL4V Plug and play system (Hydraulic or Gearbox driven)
  • Vacuum/Pressure pump, with integrated oil reservoir, mechanical oil pump, flush kit, Secondary shutoff, and Oil Separator
  • Necessary Vacuum and pressure relief installed in line. 
  • Fruitland, Jurop, and NVE pumps availible upon Request
  • DC-10 12V Washdown pump 20 GPM at 42 PSI
  • Hannay Spring Rewind hose reel
  • Depending on Chassis, In Cab switches for all equipment or switchbox with water resistant switch mounted on bed near vacuum pump. 

* Vacuum and water pump could be changed at the customer’s request. 

**Customer supplied chassis need to be reviewed by sales team to make sure they meet all requirements to be upfitted. Please reach out to [email protected] and we would be happy to assist.